Goldendoodles have the best of their parents' temperament. They are devoted, obedient, kid-friendly and intelligent like both the Golden Retriever and Poodle. They also have their parents' love of water. They love to play and fetch like their Golden Retriever parent. They are very patient and easy to train.

Goldendoodle?s can inherit a coat that looks Retriever-like, Poodle-like, but usually somewhere in between. Like many Poodle crosses, Goldendoodle?s are non-shedding, or shed lightly, and could be hypo-allergenic. They generally require little grooming.

Mother very pretty golden retriever. Father very handsome white standard poodle. (pics available)

6 males and 4 female puppies available.

8 golden coloured 2 cream coloured

Puppies raised indoors with family and other pets. Puppies have a very clam and confident manner and will make exceptional companions.

Wormed and first shots

700.00 - will hold a puppy with a deposit

Delivery arrangements can be made - will not ship puppies via air

pictures of puppies - 5 weeks